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  Storage Tanks Wine Cave

Alcohol Strength Conversion Table:  Ethanol / Water Mixtures; Volume % to Mass %.

Capacities of Pipes and Cylinders: Measurement of gallons per foot, barrels per 100 feet and barrels per mile from 1 to 60 inches in diameter.

Ethyl Alcohol Conversion Table:  U.K. (SIKES) % of Proof; Specific Gravity at 20/20 °C; Weight %; U.S. % Proof Spirit; Gay Lussac  Degrees; Volume % at 20/20 °C.

International Alcoholometric Tables (OIML)

National Bureau of Standards (U.S.) - Alcohol Tables For The U.S. TTB (Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, U.S. Department of Treasury): Table 1. True Percentages Of Proof Spirit For Any Of The Hydrometer At Temperatures Between 0° And 100°F

Table 2. Wine Gallons And Proof Gallons By Weight

Table 3. Proof Gallons By Weight And Proof Of Spirit

Table 4. Fractional Part Of A Gallon Per Pound At Each Percent and Each Tenth Of A Percent of Proof of Spirituous Liquor

Table 5. The Weight Per Wine Gallon (At 60°F.) And Proof Gallon At Each Percent Of Proof Of Spirituous Liquors

Table 6. Respective Volumes of Alcohol and Water And The Specific Gravity In Both Air And Vacuum Of Spirituous Liquors

Table 7. Correction of Volume of Spirituous Liquors to 60°F

Spirits Tables:  Specific gravity at 60 °F.; % W/W ETOH; % Vol. ETOH; Specific Gravity at 68 °F. (or 20 °C)